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In this video I’m going to walk you through how you can build a year of marketing in four hours or less in just three easy steps.

In this video:

00:42 High level client offers

02:10 Three steps to keep in touch with prospects

04:57 Training for Content Twister

How to Build a Year of Marketing in Four Hours or Less

In this video I’m going to walk you through how you can build a year of marketing in four hours or less in just three easy steps. So, let’s get into it

Hey, this is Jamie, founder of Automatingyoucom, and l was Inspired recently of a conversation with friends around the four hour work week. Tim Ferris, the Four Hour Work Week, the Four Hour Body, the Four Hour Chef, and you can see a theme there. He’s looked for ways to turn the standard way everyone does something, turn it on its head and do it in a lot shorter time frame. And that got me thinking, a number of the services that we offer for clients today – and usually only part of our high level client offers – are ways that you can actually get real results really quickly. And one of those is how to build a year of marketing in four hours or less. And so I’ve created this page and this video specifically for this year of marketing in four hours or less.

So, let me explain what it is.

Keeping in Touch with Your Prospects

The outcome is for you to be able to keep in touch with your prospects for a whole year. And what’s that? That’s a weekly e-mail from you, making sure you’re staying front of mind with those who have signed up on your website. or who are on your list already, to be able to make sure that when they need your services, you’re the person they think of. Now, most people don’t do this very well. Why? Because it’s quite time consuming. You get distracted, other things happen, and the next time you send something might be six weeks, might be six months later. Whereas, what happens if you could follow a process step by step and be able to create a year of marketing that’s not only a year of marketing, weekly e-mails for a whole year, but you could automate it so that every time someone signs up now and in the future. they will have one year of marketing ahead of them. How would that work and how would that help you in your business, what would that look like, do you think? And how many more clients do you think you could get if you could stay in front of your prospects a lot more frequently?

The Three Easy Steps…

So. let me talk through the three steps. Three steps are:
1. The idea generation

2. The collection

3. The delivery system.

So let’s look at number one, the Idea generator. What you need is a framework or a formula to be able to come up with lots of ideas really quickly, and I use something called Content Twister. It was taught to me by my friend Taki Moore, and I use it both for myself and with my clients. That’s a framework that allows you to, within about twenty to thirty minutes, to come up with twenty to thirty topics. Remember, we’re in there for fifty-two, one a week. So, that idea generator takes twenty to thirty minutes, you do that once. you’ve got six months’ worth. You wait four to six weeks and do that again. you’ll be able to repeat the same, and you’ll be able to create another six months’ worth. So there’s two half an hour blocks, one hour. and now you’ve got enough ideas to go across a year. That’s step one, the idea generation.

Now. number two is the capture, and what this is, is how to get it out of your head; you might have these topics, but how do you get this out of your head into an e-mail? And so what’s worked really well for me, and for my clients, is that you can actually look at the topic and you can Just talk about it, that’s what this means. And what I do in my business is I record with a Dictaphone, usually the app on my phone, I record me talking about that topic. And then I can send that recording to one of my team, and I have a team of editors and writers who then write it out, I can then review it, and then that’s the getting it out of my mouth, so to speak. I’ve got the idea out of my head. step one. and then I’ve got the e-mail out of my mouth. step two.

And then step three is the delivery system. So. I have a CRM. an e-mail marketing system, today in my business I use Hubspot, and so I get that loaded into my e-mails, and then that gets queued. and then it’s sent out to anyone who’s signed up to show an interest in the marketing or technology from Automatingyoucom, and that allows me to share insights and steps and tricks with people out there, with the people who are Interested, prospects on my list, and I’m able to keep In touch with people for a very long time. So that’s step three, the CRM e-mail system.

That’s the three steps that you need to follow to be able to do this really easily. And the service that I offer my clients today is helping them with those three steps. And so what I can share and what I can offer you today is access to my process, my three steps.

Access to the Training for Content Twister

And so if you would like a year of marketing in four hours or less, then step one would be to get access to the training for Content Twister and follow that training, and within thirty to sixty minutes, you’ll have twenty to thirty ideas written down. Step two is that you’d
book a time with me and you and I would spend an hour on the phone together. and I would have the results of your Content Twister in front of me. and I would literally interview you: Tell me about this one, explain that one to me. That interview will be  recorded, and then my team will take the recording. my team of writers and editors will take that and they will create twenty to thirty emails for you in this first  phase. We will then load that up into your e-mall marketing system for you. And so off that first phase, we’ll have six months done. We will wait four to six weeks to give you a bit of a break from the content generation, and we will repeat that process a second time to build your
second six months for you. Total time for you in that is anywhere from two to three hours of your time. That would be the content generation, the talking to me, and then reviewing your e-mails to make sure you’re happy. everything else my team will do for you.

That’s how you’re able to get a year of marketing in four hours or less. You can use this same process with your own team. if you don’t have a team. you can leverage mine. If you’d like to get started on that, then there’s an order form below. and we’re here to help.

any questions at all. feel free to get in touch. Use the form below. or use the Contact Us on AutomatingYou.

My name is Jamie, really look forward to helping you if you are interested in building a year of marketing in less than four hours. Have a great day.

Bye for now.