WordPress and Hubspot COS Website Development Services

…to turn your fantastic design into your Online reality…

At a high level, we will take your website design, and then develop it for you (aka build it) into your platform of choice: WordPress or Hubspot COS.

Our development team work really closely with the design team, to ensure your approved design is replicated perfectly online.

Once your site is built. we thoroughly test it. to ensure when it’s handed to you. there’s very little you need to do, apart from enjoy the results.

The detail of what we do:

We do have a detailed list of what the development team will do for you, and that’s here:

1. We’ll build the sites, as per the approved designs, ensuring responsiveness for all devices, and tuned for speed too – that’ll make sure you don’t lose visitors and increase likelihood of Google sending more eye.

2. We take all of the existing relevant content! blog posts from your live sites and apply to the new website designs.

3. We can also. as a value add, build a dedicated mobile site if your business has a lot of local visitors – this helps increase conversions with mobile visitors (i.e. those who are close by, looking for directions, or just wanting to call to book) – this normally costs $500 to build, but we can roll that into the price for you

4. We’ll do full Quality Assurance on the sites throughout the whole process (technical and end user). This testing will include:

a. speed (important for both visitors and Google)

b. layout (that it perfectly matches design)

c. responsiveness (that it looks great and functions on phone. desktop and tablets)

d.compatibility (that it works on different internet browsers)

5. We will setup your new website with the best practice SEO structure, so that new pages/blag posts will adhere to what ls needed for OnPage SEO

6. Once the build ls complete, we will move all the source code to your own hosting (we recommend WpEnglne ($29 per month package»

7. We will keep a backup of the source code for you for 12 months after our work together (just in case you need it)

8. For WordPress developed sites. we will install step-by-step training videos to allow you (or one of your team) to update the website, and be fully self-sufficient ongoing.

9. Everything we create is 100% owned by you (license rights, etc.) once full payment has been received


Our pricing for development ranges from $2,500 > $4,500 per site.

To confirm the price for you, just contact us, and we’ll ask you which platform you‘d like us to develop on for you, and for a copy of your design flies – click here to contact us.