Unique “Business-Growth” Partner Service

If you’re looking to find a reliable Partner in delivering Online Marketing products or services to your clients, then you might be in the right place… 🙂

We have two key things to help you:

1. A list of products and services

2. A unique business building approach. to help m This will work if you’re either a:

  • Marketing Agency
  • Website Company
  • Design Company
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Coach/Consultant or
  • Thought Leader

…who want’s to add a range of new offerings in your Business, allowing you to build largely passive and in some cases, recurring revenue, in a plug-and-play way, then keep reading…

Here at Automating You, we’ve figured out how to blend scale AND quality – a feat that most struggle to do

And to be honest, it wasn’t easy for us either, but time and time again we’ve proven this model with people Just like yourself.

Instant Scale (for you)

We make it easy for you to literally add a whole services team to your business, with no additional effort your side.

If anything, we take headaches away for you.

Sound good?

We think so too!

What we have to help…

We have packages available to help your clients. whether its:

  • websites/membership sites for your clients
  • entire marketing funnels (with monthly monitoring and reporting)
    SEO services
  • content creation
  • marketing automation…

…we’ve got a list,

but your needs will be unique, and so our first step together would be a quick discussion to see if we can help your clients…

IF you’d like to find out more,just visit the CONTACT US page, get in touch, say hi, and we’ll arrange a time to have talk through strategies – to see how we could possibly best help you grow your business – for a win-win together.

Our Unique Business Growth Approach:

The “Additional bonuses” we give to our partners… We’re always after a win-win, and so we’ve created these two, to help you:

a. Partner Mastermind – for every referral you send us, you’ll be added into our Partner Mastermind, at no cost to you, where Jamie will spend time with you. to help you grow your business (because if your business grows. so will your referrals. and so its a very nice win-win for us both), and

b. Partner Credits – for every referral you send us, 10% of the value of each sale will be able to be claimed towards our services.

S0 in essence, not only will we help you grow your business in the Mastermind, we’ll actually help you DO IT via your Partner Credits. And assuming you have a good list of referrals, it’ll be at no cost to you!!

If the above sounds as good to you. as it does to us, I can answer any questions about how we work. our unique business building package and everything in between when we talk,

Look forward to learning more about how we can help you,

Bye for now



p.p.s. You can likely imagine that a Partner deal that sounds too good to be true will be taken up by a lot of people – you’re right 🙂 That means we carefully choose who we partner with, to make sure we’re a great fit. we can help you, and that we have the scale available to help you straight away – Your reputation with your clients is one of the most important things to us, and so we will not want to make promises that we can’t keep…