Choosing a marketing automation tool depends on a few things first –

And depending on your situation, your business, and how far down the road you are in your own technology setup, will depend on which of these questions is most relevant to you today.

I list them in no particular order, rather to get them on the page, so you can see them, and choose which is most important for you:

The questions to answer “it depends” for you:

a. Budget + Time + Fit: Are you budget constrained? What’s your time worth? Do you understand “fit’ for a Marketing Automation Tool?

b. Who: Will you or your team (whether internal or external) be using the tool? What level of Training will you need? And one of the MOST IMPORTANT: Is your Strategy clear before you get started?

d. Requirements: what are yours today, in 6, 12 and 18 months? And with those, what should you be considering?

e. do you have other tools you use today, that if this integrates, would save you even more: time, money & effort?

f. are there tools you use today that this would replace, and would that save you more time/money/effort?

Let’s go through each of them in more detail: