We’ve covered budget and time,

let’s now look at WHO’ll be doing the work…

you or your team?

and in terms of your team, do you have a team today, or are you looking for one to help?

(and if you’re looking for help, we’ll cover that shortly)

Will you be using this or will your team be using it?

Whether it’s you or your team (internal or external) using the platform matters for a few reasons:

Number one is:

how easy is the system to use?

(I covered that in the last note I wrote, if you missed that, go here)

Number two:

how good is the training delivered by the platform that you are looking to use?

(I’ll cover this in the marketing automation platform reviews)


how easy can you give directions to your team, to then get things done, so you don’t have to do them?

(this one is so often overlooked!!)

The Challenge With Confusion(s)

Many times we’re approached by business owners/entrepreneurs who spend far too much of their time trying to teach their team how to do things in marketing automation

because either:

  • the platforms don’t have good enough training, and/or
  • the learning curve is quite high,

and this usually leads to huge frustrations, and more often than not, a very powerful platform sat in the corner, like an unused sports car…

(and I want to help you avoid that)

Another important part is the last of the three –

the requirements or directions the business owner are giving to their team aren’t clear

Take a moment to really understand that please

If you’re giving directions that aren’t clear, you’ll automate a mess.

And we don’t want that, do we? 🙂

And this (from our experience helping lots of people fix this) is from two sources:

  1. you think marketing automation is a great idea, but you’re not completely clear on what projects would be the best for you to get started with, to get the best ROI for your business
  2. you’re clear on the projects you want, but don’t know enough about the tool to give clear directions, so when you do ask for something, it causes confusion / extra work / wrong outcomes

if either of those sound like you today, that’s ok, that’s actually quite normal


two reasons:

  • you’re not an expert in defining strategies in marketing are you?
  • or you’re not a marketing automation expert are you?

whilst the information i’ve put in these pages is aimed at helping you make progress with choosing the right marketing automation platform for you,

it’s not designed to:

a. help you become a marketing automation expert or,

b. help you get clear on your own business strategy, that the marketing automation tool will help you deliver


it’d be a very smart idea to get a clear strategy before you even get close to picking which tool is right for you

if you do need help with that,

I can help you,

and that’s here: Getting Clear on your Strategy

If you are already:

a. completely clear on your strategy, and

b. you’re working on sanity checking your own requirements, before

c. shortlisting your tool of choice,

…then you’re still in the right place, and let’s keep moving 🙂

A requirements checklist would be handy right about now

Don’t you think?


Requirements checklist: