Let’s walk through in more detail the “it depends on” questions for you:

(by the way, the best way to use this list is to focus on those you think are most relevant to you)

  1. Are You Budget Constrained? Are You Sure?
  2. How Much Is Your Time Worth?
  3. Different Tools “Fit” Differently
  4. I am definitely Budget Constrained (I’ve checked)
  5. Will You or Your Team Be Using It?

We’ll start with budget:

Are You Budget Constrained? Are You Sure?

I start with “are you budget constrained, and are you sure?”

By the way

If you’re not budget constrained, and you’re planning already on spending $200-$400 or much more a month, then click here and skip this section

But if you are budget constrained,

let’s do two things:

a. if you are truly budget constrained, then not a problem, i’ve got something specifically created for you 🙂

b. just in case, before you jump to the low cost marketing automation tool section, let’s check that you really are budget constrained, and you won’t be making the wrong decisions at the start

and why is this bit really important?

well, if you are budget constrained, you can spend your time to learn 600 different things about lots of different marketing automation tools,


many of them will be out of your price range,

and you’ll be wasting your time.

So let’s not do that, Ok?

let’s first though check: are you really budget constrained?

What’s Your Time Worth?

I want what you want

And that’s to earn more money by doing what you’re very good at, instead of spending lots of time on technical items,

battling with something that just isn’t right for you

(which isn’t a smart way of using your time to try and save a little bit on the monthly fees!)

Here’s an example:

if you earn a hundred dollars an hour for delivering your services to someone AND you are trying to save a hundred dollars a month by choosing to try and save a bit by cutting corners, then:

that’s just not smart business sense

I see too many people:

  • choose a few different tools, with their own learning curves, that need to be integrated, because they’re cheaper, or 
  • pick a lower level automation tool that doesn’t fit them as well as another tool,

So, always make sure you understand how much your time is worth if you’re doing the work,

(and what you’d potentially save by going for a slightly more expensive system that’ll “fit you better”)

and that’s something i’ve not talked about yet, and that’s “Fit”

Different Tools “Fit” Differently

In terms of how much time do you have, different tools will have different time commitments.

Some tools will be easier than others to learn how to use.

Some tools will need a big learning curve, but then be easier after that.

Some tools will just ‘fit you like a glove’, and others won’t…

A little bit like me and my journey on ski’s…

Humour me on the quick personal story, it’s relevant, I promise 🙂

I started snowboarding to be like the cool kids (in my early twenties) – and went on group holidays with my friends for a few years

I could get up and down the mountain, but it was always hard

(apart from the one time i went on the mountain with my bullet proof vest on (we’ll call it early twenties alcohol) and i went the fastest and straightest i ever had on a snowboard!)

But outside of that artificial confidence, it was always hard going – every time, trying to make it work, and get back up off my as$…

…and then on my honeymoon, I was on my board, and my new bride was on her ski’s, and whilst the first few days of traversing the mountain separately seemed like a good way for a healthy long marriage (?? 😉 ), I thought I’d give skiing a go…

…I wonder if…

…and low and behold, within 48 hours i was parallel skiing, the day after was mogul skiing (albeit accidentally), and ever since, i’ve been a skier…

it just fits me better

I can ski down many more mountains, and enjoy the experience and the outcomes a lot more, without everything having to be HARD work

and I want that for you too with your marketing automation tool

So the lesson is this:

Knowing the different tools out there will fit you differently is important, especially if you’re planning to do a lot of it yourself

because actually paying a little bit more for a tool that “fits you better” and one that does everything in one place may actually be smarter in the long run

(And you’ll get an insight into tool fit in my walkthrough videos)

We’re almost at the walkthrough videos, but a couple more quick things to cover off first…

To summarise though, if you are budget constrained:

I’m Definitely Budget Constrained (I’ve Checked)

I’ve put together a couple of packages which would suit you to get you started now.

Importantly whilst you may be budget constrained today, it’s important to consider this:

if you don’t expect to be budget constrained in the next six to 12, to 18 months, then do have a look at the recommendations further down in the budget constrained section, to help you.

If you are budget constrained, click here to read my Low Cost Approach To Marketing Automation.

Not constrained anymore? 🙂

Great, let’s keep going…

Will you be using this or will your team be using it?

I’ve got a whole section on whether you or your team will be using it, let’s check that out quickly now: