In this video, I want to give you a background on these three tools.

Now, you may just be looking right now at the differences between Infusionsoft and HubSpot.

You may be looking at Infusionsoft, comparing it with Ontraport.

Why I want to give you a background with all three in mind is,

if you just look at Infusionsoft or HubSpot, I want to join Ontraport into the conversation so you know alternatives out there.

And, if you’re looking at just the differences between Ontraport and Infusionsoft,

again, I want to share HubSpot with you so you understand what it does,

so you really understand the marketplace of what options there are out there, okay?

The backgrounds of all of these three are here in the video (and in text below):

In one of my earlier videos I’ve mentioned that I’ve used these now for eight or nine years since early 2009, 2010, I believe, was when I started using Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft’s background comes from being a sales CRM.

CRM, Customer Relationship Manager.

Its main original job was managing a sales pipeline for companies.

So, collecting contact information in more of a sales funnel, and then over time it added on.

It bolted on marketing automation, and then it bolted on … it did have a shopping cart, but it’s just continued to bolt on pieces over time.

Now, about two or three years ago, I don’t remember the exact time, but Infusionsoft got quite a big injection of cash from investors, and they have been on a really proactive development cycle to build their product.

Also, they have a much bigger focus, compared to Ontraport, that is, much bigger focus on marketing and sales.

So, marketing and selling themselves, they go pretty hard out.

They’re spending a lot of money on marketing. They spend a lot of money on paid advertising.

You’ll see a lot of ads for them once you visit their site.

Also, if you do go through a trial period, they have a very … I don’t know if the right word is elegant, but they have a very sophisticated sales process.

Following up with you, getting on the phone with you.

Using scarcity, so that you’ll be on the phone with them and then they’ll say, “By the way, we have a special offer that closes in three days.” They usually use that one to tip you over the line.

But, it works.

So they have all of that.

Just so you know, that happens.

They have all of that lined out.

They’re saying that.

If you understand that’s coming but you’ve done your diligence and you know which tools are right for you,

then maybe this is right for you and you just wait for those special offers to come through.

But that’s the Infusionsoft background.

Now, from the Ontraport background.

Ontraport started out many, many years ago, called Send Pepper,

and its bigger brother, the bigger version of it was Office Auto Pilot.

So, OAP, as we used to call it, had different versions.

The Send Pepper was the little brother version, and the low cost option … I’ve forgotten all the names.

I remember one of the versions was called Jalapeno version, the really hot version. 🙂

Over time it’s grown.

And then, the brand Ontraport came out and then all of those other products, the Send Pepper and Office Auto Pilot, was consumed into the Ontraport brand, and they simplified the pricing.

They brought together all the features

and the good and bad side of that is that the Send Pepper was a really low cost way to get quite a bit of the platform and use it,

but that’s gone away now.

So, Ontraport doesn’t have … (and neither does Infusionsoft), a low-priced version.

If you are in that mindset,

I actually have a whole section on low-priced marketing automation,

so please go back to the start of my, “What Marketing Automation Is Right For Me?

And it’ll take you down that path and show you those tools.

As I said in one of my other videos, Ontraport now is very much, very, very similar with Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft is slightly more powerful in some areas.

Ontraport is more powerful in other areas.

Sometimes Ontraport is easier to use.

Ontraport is working hard on the development, but I see Ontraport as sort of a younger cousin to Infusionsoft in terms of the investment they have.

But they’re doing well in terms of their product, their team, their customer service, et cetera.

Though, I see Infusionsoft has more money behind it.

I’m not saying let that help you make a decision,

but I’m just saying from a development cycle, from a scalability … let’s say, three or four years ago: Infusionsoft was known to break under massive amounts of traffic.

That’s gone away recently with all the investments,

whereas Ontraport recently … I’ve personally broken Ontraport.

I’ve sent enough traffic to them where they’ve had to reboot the service.

Not a great claim to fame, but it’s shown you the level that I’ve been using these tools at.

So, it just depends on exactly what you need.

If you’re looking at massive, high amounts of traffic, then one of these two may be better than the other.

Again, I’d probably reach out and talk to me and let me know what you’re doing and what you need it for, and I can probably give you best advice.

You can set that up here: Talk to Jamie About Your Marketing Automation Needs

But, side by side, they’re very, very similar. Okay?

When we look at HubSpot, though, this is a different platform altogether.

Going back a step,

Infusionsoft and Ontraport both take money.

Both have ways to take money in terms of order forms, checkouts, et cetera, whereas HubSpot’s different.

HubSpot is all focused on building your business out through content marketing.

So, HubSpot has everything built in from a perspective of being able to build websites, landing pages, tracking people all the way through the funnel, and it’s all built in, and it’s done very, very nicely from a HubSpot perspective.

Now, yes:

You can build landing pages now in Infusionsoft and Ontraport,

but HubSpot’s whole “almost reason” for being is content marketing.

So, whilst you can’t take money with HubSpot,

you can integrate it using some integration tools, with money-taking tools.

But HubSpot started out life as a content marketing platform,

and over time has added the CRM function,

which in the past was done by Sales Force.

Many years ago, they had a corporate agreement between HubSpot and Sales Force.

That parted ways,

and then HubSpot has taken the CRM with full force,

and now HubSpot’s CRM is their flagship free product,

free forever,

to give people examples of using HubSpot,

and then if you use it and it grows with you, then you can start using the rest of HubSpot’s platform.

Now that’s in the past, just for your understanding,

I’ve used the Enterprise version of Hubspot in my own business,

and manage a number of different platforms for people today.

So, I understand HubSpot really, really well, and when we go into the actual behind the scenes,

if I switch over to this screen, you can see the different types of things that HubSpot can do from a … Contacts, Conversations, they call it, Marketing, Sales, Service, it’s all about the top end of the funnel of growing your leads, nurturing your leads, and closing your leads.

That’s what this is all about.

Now, Infusionsoft and Ontraport are similar,

but they don’t have the depth of website and content background to go with it.


So that’s just a few high level pieces.

HubSpot as well is very heavily invested all over the world.

Infusionsoft and Ontraport are largely in North America, but growing.

I know Australia has a growing population of Ontraport and Infusionsoft consultants and user base,

and HubSpot has a massive amount of partners worldwide.

So, HubSpot is much more of a corporate focus, whereas your Infusionsoft and Ontraport are more towards the entrepreneurs.

But the free CRM is a goodie (and I cover that in my low cost Marketing Automation review)

So, that’s what a high level of understanding of the differences between them.

If you have any questions at all, of course, reach out, let me know,

but in the next sets of videos,

I’m going to go into each one of them,

show you more of the functionality of how they work

and just basically lift the covers on it so you can get a better understanding of what these tools and what they do.

All right, bye for now.

(the in depth videos will be available here soon, use the chat box if you need this info NOW and i’ll update you on when they’ll be ready)