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I recorded the below video to help you understand, at a high level, the differences between Infusionsoft vs Hubspot vs Ontraport.

I do it in a way for you, so you understand the main high level differences, to match what you need in your business (and not what they’re selling you 🙂 )

So high level: three platforms.

And for these three platforms, I’m regularly asked:

  • what’s the difference between them,
  • which ones right for me,
  • and which one should I choose.

And here’s the text version of the video for you too:


So the three that I’m looking at here are Infusionsoft

We have HubSpot as well,  

And we also have Ontraport.

Now at a very high level, with Ontraport and Infusionsoft, I usually say they are apples to apples when you compare them, they are almost identical in terms of what they can do for you.

They both have their small differences,

and in my requirements where I’ve walked you through,

(assuming you’ve read that, right? – if you haven’t, that’s here),

each of these will fit you differently like a glove.

So you may prefer one over the other, but they are pretty much, I don’t want to say this across the board, but they’re pretty much identical in terms of what they do for you in your business.


Some do have different strengths than others, but if we were comparing it, it would be apples with apples.


And then I like to say that HubSpot is different.

HubSpot is like an orange.

HubSpot is quite different.

So Ontraport and Infusionsoft will be an apple to apple comparison. And HubSpot would be the orange.

No pun intended,

actually yes it is,

because HubSpot is all orange. 🙂

But HubSpot is quite a different beast compared from a toolset perspective.

And I’ll cover those.

And it very much depends on what you need in your business.

If you haven’t already gone through the requirement steps that I walk through before you even start looking at the tools, please go and look at that (again, that’s here).

Assuming you’ve done that…

And as well, there’s not going to be many places where you go to get some information that’s also going to show you the insides of all three.

And here are all three of them logged in.

So my team and I run not only these for clients, but have run these from ourselves.

Infusionsoft I’ve personally used for about eight years.

HubSpot, I was the very first partner in New Zealand for HubSpot, many, many years ago.

And Ontraport, right now, we manage many accounts. This one’s got half a million contact inside of.

So we know how to use these in great detail.

And, as you know as well, or you may not be aware, these are always changing.

I’ve just this second clicked on a button for HubSpot to give me its latest menu.

(Actually HubSpot is probably the one that changes the most out of all three.)

But these are the latest as of late 2018.

I’ll be aiming to keep the videos up to date, so they look the same.

And some of these you have to sign up to be able to even see inside of it.

So the next few videos that I’m gonna record will show you the insides of each of these. Okay.

So remember, Ontraport and Infusionsoft, pretty much the same of what they do out of the box.

And then HubSpot is quite a different animal toolset what you need from it business wise.

And I’m going to cover them in a lot more detail in the next sets of videos.