In a world where everyone is trying to sell you their Marketing Automation Platform:

where do you begin?

And eventually, which marketing automation tool should you choose?

Perhaps you only need email automation?

or a CRM that works nicely with your email system?

or you actually do need a complete end-to-end Marketing Automation system?

Whatever stage you’re at in your research:

“which tool, or tools are right for you?” should always be answered with “it depends”

And it depends on YOU

not me

not my agenda

not what i’m trying to sell you

not because I know one tool better than another

or worse, because i’ll get paid by one tool and not another to recommend them…

no, that’s not what the recommendation should be based on…

and an important side note:
If any person recommends a single tool to you straight away, without learning a lot about who you are and what you need, then run…

run my friend

run very far away


because they’re following their own agenda, and they’re not looking after you

Instant Prescription?

would you like to walk into a doctors office and they write you a prescription before they’ve even talked to you?


and once you’re clear someone is trying to help you, a second thing to keep in mind is the TYPE of recommendation you can get:

there three types of recommendations you can receive:

1. Biased – the person has their own agenda, and that’s it. In other words, they’re potentially affiliated with a product, or only have skills in that one product – we’ve mentioned these guys already

2. Borrowed – someones spent a lot of time digging through the vendors websites, and then they’ve put together an in-depth article, to show you the comparisons of the respective automation tools –

these pages are very helpful:

“the 57 best marketing automation tools” or

“the 7 best marketing automation tools & platforms”,

but they’re missing two very important things:

a. what YOU need, and

b. the battle scars:

3. Battle Scars – someone who’s:

i. used all the tools they recommend, 

ii. road-tested all the alternatives (so you don’t have to)

iii. setup and managed these tools for a range of small to very large businesses (ie they’ll work for you too),

iv. spent years giving tailored recommendations to individuals and teams,

and lastly, and a very ‘taboo’ thing to raise:

v. watched the tools develop over the years, know all of their flaws AND understand’s each of their roadmaps for future proofing (you)

…and all of that experience has been used to get their clients the best results.

And my new friend,

the experience my team and I have used across hundreds of clients, is what I’ll be walking you through today 

It’s firmly from the third camp – the Battle Scars, from the trenches – and here’s why:

I’ve spent the past 8 years helping clients with their online marketing:

  • Architecting,
  • advising and
  • building for single person businesses,
  • through to multi-million dollar businesses.

You can have a look at the high profile names in the case studies on this site,

and whilst those names are some of the leaders in their fields,

Every one of those people are slightly different – just like you.

BUT they’re not you.

You’re you,

and you have your own requirements…

So let’s now focus on you shall we?

and let’s together answer the question: “it depends” – for YOU

What does it ‘depend’ on?

What are the questions you need to consider before making a decision?