Your New Membership Site


Firstly congrats on taking a step towards leveraging yourself through your new Membership site – it really can be a life changer when you grow passive income through a leveraged model — I’m quite excited for you 🙂

On this page. I’ll walk you through the steps from here to go from either:

1. You don’t have anything at all today

2. You have some of the pieces. but we’re going to help you finish it all off

So lets get started…

I’ll make a list. in order, of what’s going to happen, and you can make a note of what you need to do, and send that through to me, in reply to the email that sent you to this page, ok?

Here’s the list of what we need – for each step. if you have it, make a note of it in the email that you’re going to send to me, and if you don’t. the steps are here on the ‘how to’ so you can get it (then put it in the email to me):

1. Your Domain Name – you should already have one – for your membership site, you could have your own domainjust for your members (ie. blackbeltmemberscom, or you can have a subdomain off your main marketing site (e.g. (which is a subdomain of thesolojourneycom).

If you need a main domain, visit godaddy (and click this link to get a special discount on your domain purchase):

If you want a subdomain, and you already own the main domain, then email me your credentials, and tell me the subdomain, and my  teamwill set it up for you

2. Hosting — do you have your own? If you have your main domain with hosting already. and you’re going have your membership site there, then move to the next step. If you’ve purchased hosting as part of your package, move onto the next step. If you need hosting, then you can get yours here

3. WordPress installed? – do you have your own instance already setup? If you do, email me your admin credentials please for this step. If you’ve purchased hosting as part of your package. we install WordPress for you. so move onto the next step.

4. Membership Site Theme – Next you need to get your theme. A Theme is the look and feel of the site. and the best one I’ve found to date is Optimize Press (OP) – If you already own OP, great. If not buy your own licensed version here:

When you have your license. add your credentials to the email you’re going to send me.

5. Protecting Your Content — There are different ways to protect your content, and the solution we go with will depend on your needs. We will have already discussed this, and if we’ve agreed Wishlist Member for you, then my team will install this for you as part of the package price. If you’re using another solution, then tell me in the email please.

Now we move on to the look and feel of your site:

6. Site Banner – your banner needs to be 977×150 (pixel) dimensions – please send a banner either in the first email, or shortly afterwards once completed.

7. Menu Structure – you need to please document the menu structure for me. Imagine it like a table of contents, with chapters and sections – what are they? you can send me this in any format (whether email bullets, ms word, powerpoint, hand drawings photographed, as long as I can see the words and the structure. we can then build the site for you, including placeholders for you to enter your content quickly.

8. Videos? Are you going to be using video inside your membership site? I strongly recommend LeadPlayer, which allows you to host all your videos on youtube, and then deliver your content within your site: An alternative to leadplayer, with a monthly recurring fee. though does look slightly more professional in terms of video delivery is Vinstia, link is here: http://jamielikesme/wistia

Was there anything missed?

Any other questions you have?

Not a problem,just add them to the email, press send, and let’s get it moving for you…

Looking forward to helping you get a Membership site up and running, and you starting to earn some additional income!

Jamie and the team @