Are you fed up of the roller coaster income of your business test?

Do you know you need to change something, but there’s just so much to do, and you don’t know where to start..

…and that the everyday of being busy is what’s holding you back?

It’s OK!

Did you know that what you’re experiencing right now Is pretty normal?

It’s just that not many of your peers admit to needing help, instead they’ll flail around until they get lucky, or get a job…

…and for some of them, they’re one in the same thing,

But for you its different

You want help

And you’re really good at what you do. you just want to get better…

…better at:

getting consistent results for your clients

having a steady stream of prospects raising their hand (versus you chasing them!) making more, each month, from recurring income

working the same or less hours as you do today

trying to figure out the talent mix in your own business

taking advantage of technologies that are out there, to help your life be easier walking the talk, if only you had the time…

And no. its not a myth…

What others have said

Here’s just a small sample of what others have experienced in recent weeks…

‘I had my first session with Jamie. and paid back my Investment within 48 hours” – Lisa Hale

‘There was just one small change to our existing strategy, but that’s unlocked everything for us” Mark & Lance

But do you want to change?

You’ll know somethings not right

Something’s missing

And because you‘re in the thick of it. you’re can’t see past the wood in the trees…

What would be ideal for you is an independent view, two experts to help you get clear. and get moving In the direction that” take you towards your own goals

Located in Dublin and New Zealand, the two leaders of this group both have expertise and timezone coverage that overlaps and compliments each other, to give you a ‘complete’ package to help you succeed…

A global community with one goal – to help you achieve your own goals as you’re building your agency.

What does It look like on the inside?

The Mastermind Club gives you:

– a dedicated quarterly strategy sesslon for your business

– weekly group calls covering both northern and southern hempisphere timezones

– strategies that are working today for agencies (being taught or shared by the other members of the group)

– parachute calls to help you when you’re stuck and need help (perhaps what to say next in a sales conversation. now to deal with a time sensitive situation. aka – ‘it’s important and I need help NOW please!”)

– and a community of like-minded business owners who are all after the same thing: Successful, profitable. healthy agencies – and still having time to enjoy your life!

…because life’s too short to keep working 80 hour weeks…

How does that sound? 

If you want to be a part of the Mastermind Club, the next step is to reach out and say hi…

We’ll have a quick chat (15 mins) to see if we’re a good fit


We know there are specific types of Agencies that we continue to get great results for,
and can guarantee results for – this chat helps us identify that quicldy.

And yes. we can and do help you if you’re not an Agency.

If this inst right for you. we’ll have a recommendation for you. depending on where you’re up to on your own Journey. to help get you results.

If you’d like to find out more, just visit the CONTACT US page, get in touch, say hi, and we’ll arrange a time to have a chat – to see how we could possibly best help you grow your business, for a win-win together.

I can answer any questions about how the club works. the help you’ll get. the results you can expect and the costs involved –

Look forward to learning more about how we can help you.

Bye for now