Marketing Machine Partnership

This Is For You If…

You’re busy

You’re very good at what you do

And you’re enjoying a level of success already.

You’re now looking at ways to do that. and you have a choice of hiring someone full time or looking for outside help.

Before you hire a full timer…

What happens if you could get a team of experts in Marketing Automation for less than the wage of a full time junior Marketing assistant?

And would you really want to spend the time training them? And the risks and commitment involved?

When instead you could add a team to your business who’ll advise you on best practices in Marketing Automation…

…A team to plugin to your business. with an expert in Marketing and Technology leading that team, giving you Strategic and Tactical advice on the best next steps, each month, to take your business to the next level.

How This Works

As a first step to the market machine partnership we plan your goals and objectives of your marketing over the next 12 months. We then break those goals into quarters, and define the projects needed to allow you to hit your results for your business

The Marketing Machine Partnership

Each month we’ll spend one on one time together, to plan what we both need to do and also the metrics that will be measured in reported on so you can see the results that this partnership Is achieving for you

That’s my whiteboard marketing bringing years of experience of technology marketing together give your business the best possible result.

Want to have designed the best strategy for this month my team will take it from there.

Whether marketing automation specialists. copywriters. email marketing, website designers,… whatever the skillset required, my team will have the experience needed to implement your marketing for you.

As part of your personal blueprint, we will define what the project looks like and the outcome that’s expected to get a profitable result for you.

In the first three months of our engagement together, we will advise you on the best projects to get the best short-term results to give you the quickest return on investment possible for your planned investment.

What’s Part of The Ultimate Marketing Automation Pack?

Everything included in the Monthly Automation Pack is included in the Ultimate Marketing Automation pack (Projects delivered. Technologies supported and Frequently Asked Questions). with the following added:

1. A one-on-one session with me Monthly — Our Whiteboard Marketing session — to define your project for the month ahead

2. A dedicated project manager, who will oversee your projects through to successful completion

3. A choice of two projects per month (versus one in the Monthly Automation Pack)

4. A dedicated copywriter or a one-on-one interview session. to fast track the content creation process for you

5. Tracking and Reporting on Results for our work together. mapped against our Goals

Those above have been designed to allow you to get the fastest possible results in terms of Marketing Automation, and bring together a number of disciplines into one easy to manage and understand project based. outcome focused deliverable.


If you have any questions specific to The Ultimate Marketing Pack,just contact us, and we can either answer your questions via email, or arrange a 15 minute chat to make sure this is right for your business.

Ready to Get Started:

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