Marketing Machine Pack

Are you ready to build an Automated Marketing Machine into your Business?

You’ve come to this page because of my own Marketing Machine.

My machine is ‘fronted’ by my own Authority Website, and helps people (like you) find their way to what they need, and aims to build trust along the way.

Would you like the same for your business?

Now there’s an easy way to get a Marketing Machine into your business… starting today:

How It Works – Marketing Machine Pack

The Marketing Machine Pack has been designed as a rolling-business building automation project.

When you get started with us, we’ll have a strategy session together to map out the best Marketing Machine Automation Projects for your business.

We’d get clear on your Strategy, then map out the right Marketing and Technology for your business. That initial session is called a Get Clear session.

You’ll then have a choice to implement either each month (across 12 months). or we can fasttrack the implementation in a six month window.

For each project we’ll send you a step-by-step checklist of what you need to provide to us. allowing us to do the heavy lifting for the technology — behind the scenes – to continually build your Marketing Machine – an Asset in your business, over the coming months.

Where Do I Start?

We’d start by having a quick 15 minute chat to make sure we can help you – to arrange that, click here: Contact us for a 15 minute chat.

After that chat, we’d arrange the Get Clear session. From there, we’d map out your unique blueprint, and get started.

It really is that easy to get automation into your business now.

Here’s a SAMPLE list of all the monthly automation projects that you can choose from:

The Monthly Automation Project List

To Improve Your Online Brand:

  • Authority Coaching Website
  • Google Local Setup

To Increase Recurring Revenue Streams in Your Business:

  • Membership Site and Onboarding Process
  • Ecommerce setup and non-payment management

To Grow the Number of Lead Generation Funnels for Your Business:

  • Video Marketing
  • Video Blog and Video Signups Setup
  • Video Series Funnel
  • Live Webinar & Email Marketing
  • Automated Webinar & Email Marketing
  • Rereferral Pogramme
  • Hot Lead Programme (Lead Scoring)
  • Affiliate Management Setup + Reporting
  • Create Free “Download” (whitepaper, report, audio, etc) 45 day Follow Up programme
  • Migration of Legacy Contact Lists to new CRM (Hubspot. OAP, Infusionsoft, Nanacast)
  • Conversion Tracking Implemented for your business
  • Automated Ticketing System to keep track of your projects

What Tools and Technologies Do We Support?

Website Platforms:

  • WordPress Self Hosted
  • Hubspot COS

Membership Platforms:

  • Wishlist member
  • Member Mouse
  • imember360
  • Office AutoPilot (pilot press)
  • Nanacast (wordpress plugin)
  • Customer hub

Marketing Automation Platforms:

  • Hubspot
  • lnfuslonsoft
  • Office AutoPilot / Send Pepper
  • Active Campaign

E-Commerce Providers:

  • Infusionsofl
  • Office AutoPilot / Send Pepper
  • Nanacast
  • Stripe

Webinar Automation Tools:

  • Go To Webinar
  • Stealth Seminar

Online Marketing Tools:

  • Hubspot
  • Google analytics
  • Leadpages
  • Leadplayer
  • Optimize press (v1)
  • Visual website optimizer
  • Click Funnels
  • (actually this list is rather large, so likely the answer is ‘yes’)

Foundational Technology Tools:

  • Google Apps
  • Dropbox

Get Started Today with Your Marketing Machine Pack

If you’ve seen your own technology listed here. and you’re ready to get an experienced team to help you implement a Monthly Marketing Automation Pack, then Contact Us to start the ball rolling.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Monthly Automation Pack

Q. What if the Tool I want isn’t listed above?

A. Use the “Contact Us” above to ask us. we might have missed it from the list, but if it’s something we’re not expert at, we’d likely pass, as we wouldn’t want to make a promise with you we couldn’t keep

Q. Is there a minimum contract duration?

A. No

Q. What if! don’t use my Monthly Marketing Machine Project?

A. All Monthly Projects, once purchased, have a 12 month period in which they can be used

Q. Is there a refund if I don’t use 8 Monthly Project?

A. No, sorry, it starts to get messy if refunds are on the table, Instead if you found yourself with a Project or Project(s) you can’t use, you can reuse Projects for others and make a profit.

Q. Can I buy Monthly Projects and use them for my own customers?

A. Great question, yes — we find that a number of smart Consultants and Coaches use our sevices and on sell them to their own clients, so you can either use your Projects for you. or purchase Monthly Projects from us, and use them for your own clients, and add your own margin on them – a plug-in services department if you will

Q. Can I order the same item twice?

A. Sure. It’s quite normal to need more than one membership site, or more than one video funnel. or perhaps you want to get more Video Marketing under your belt (as just a sample of examples), either way, you choose whatever you need for your business each month, and we’ll help deliver it with you

Q. This seems to easy – do I just pay you and you do everything?

A. Almost. Whilst we will setup the technology, you will need to deliver the content for anything we setup, so if we’re setting up an email campaign for you, you’ll need to write the emails. If we’re building a membership site. you’ll need to tell us how you want it to
look, menu’s. etc. Every project listed has a list of what you need to do that we’ll email you when you choose your project

If you want a complete hands off setup. where you’ll spend approx. 1 hour a month with us. then we will do the rest, then the Ultimate Marketing Automation Pack is for you, check it out here: The Ultimate Marketing Automation Pack

Q. Are the costs for GoToWebinar, Infusionsoft, etc (3rd party products) included in the

No, you pay those directly to the 3rd party.

Q. I have more questions, who can I ask to get answers?

A. Not a problem, just click on the “Contact Me” menu above, or click here: Contact Me.