Managing Your Business by The Numbers With Automated Marketing

You Probably Know Your Numbers And What Your Business Is Capable Of?


Then let’s kick off with the first of three quick questions then…

Question #1: Your Numbers Last Month?

You’ll likely know:

1. How many new leads you got last month?

2. The conversion rate of leads to customers?

3. How profitable each Marketing Campaign was to attract those leads?

YES – You’re already ahead of the pack. well done. keep going…

NO – Imagine if you did have this in your business. what you could do with that knowledge? Keep going and I’ll explain what I mean…

Question #2: Your Numbers Next Month?

You should have a projection on the numbers you expect to get next month?




YES – Great. You’re in a good spot (compared to most business owners). If that was two
out of two yes’s, you’re In a very powerful position in terms of what comes next…

NO – You don’t know, but you wish you did know? Let’s keep going…

Now the last question:

Question #3: What If You Were Able To Build an Automated Lead Generating Machine?

Let me ask you:

“Do you know the types of results you’d get after you’ve installed a Tum-Key Automated Marketing Machine?”

Where you will see accurately (and in one place):

1. Where your best converting leads come from

2. When someone is ‘ready’ to buy from you (ie they’re a HOT lead!)

3. Who are your very best clients

4. How much your best clients spend with you over time

5. Which will allow you to know how much you can afford to spend on attracting more of those right types of perfect clients!!!

“It Is A Game Changer”

Once you learn the difference between what you have today. and what automation will bring you. you won’t be satisfied with the results you have right now.

Have a look at the Case Studies to see real world examples of what I’m talking about – Click Here: Case Studies