Do you want to prove whether your Business can scale Online?

Does this sound familiar:

You’ve been slogging your guts out trying to scale your business.

You’ve tried every which way from Sunday to make it work Online, and it just doesn’t seem to want to.

And you’ve lost most of your hair (and finger nails) in the process.

Am I close? 🙂

If yes, let me share a little secret with you: You’re not alone!!

So many people struggle to make online work.

They see others around them succeed’ and push hard to make it work for themselves, and jump from one guru’ to another, in the hope it’ll work for them.

‘appearances can be deceiving, I’ve been behind the scenes of many ‘successes’ only to find they’re one off flukes, that can‘t be replicated, but that person is then pushing hard to teach everyone who listens how to do it – that’s not cool.

The process is actually a step by step methodical process.
Let me walk you through the steps.

There’s a “Hard Way” and an “Easy Way’ – for full transparency, I’ll share both with you 2)
Let‘s start with the Hard one:

The Hard (but Correct) Way

17 steps – in order, that must be followed, to get a result:

1. Get Clear on your Avatar. An Avatar is the name I give to a very specific person you’re looking to attract (because there are right and wrong types of clients, and you want to design a process that only attracts the perfect types of clients for you, hence it’s our first step to get clear on that).

2. Next, once you have them identified, you want to understand their biggest challenges & frustrations

3. Once you’re clear on their struggles, you can create a solution for them – this is when we craft the best “Offer” for that Avatar – When you put the offer to them, they’ll say “I WANT THAT!” (versus “that’s a good idea”) – it’ll be the answer to their problems…

4. Now we have a great offer for our avatar, we need to create a path to help the Avatar get to your Offer. I call it your “breadcrumb path”, to lead the Avatar to you. i.e. we want to design a path to help someone know/like/trust you (in that order). The amount of effort needed here depends on the amount of trust you need (which directly correlates to how much they’ll spend with you) – it’ll take less trust for someone to buy a $97 product off you, versus a $9,997 product – so what’s needed to make that happen?

5. You’ll want to spend time defining your language clearly – for the path/format you select for step 4 – how can you best share what you want to say with your perfect Avatar? Not in a sneaky NLP way, but rather a way that matches you as a person and personality, and will help your Avatar make a decision.

6. Once that’s all good to go, you’ll next select the best place where your Avatar hangs out (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIN, Google, email, etc) – pick ONE to start

…At this point, you’ve got most of your strategy done, now we need to jump into designing your marketing assets…

7. First, you’ll design a quick value based consumable (i.e- one page download). You just need to figure out what would work best for your Avatar: An ebook? A quick video? Audio download? Something else? It needs to match what your Avatar would best want. And be a natural starter step for your breadcrumb path.

8. Once you know what you’re offering, you can design your landing page (the webpage where your Avatar will get their consumable from)

9. Next you’ll want to design an automated follow-up conversation (so that every time your consumable is downloaded, emails will automatically go out, in your own conversational tone, to build the know/like/trust)

…that’s design done, now into building things…

10. Now you can build your landing page

11. Build consumable (from #7) – either you or a design team do this

12. Build automation (to deliver #11 automagically) – ie load it into your marketing automation tool

13. Build advert (to market #10) – you or an advertising company setup your ads

14. Start an advertising campaign, and budget $500 to test outcome (for #6)

…now your campaign is live, and you need to move into measuring mode…

15. Measure results

16. Work out if it works or not

17. You’ll have your outcome:

a. If it works, start to scale

b. If it’s almost working, tweak/refine until it works

c. If it’s not working, then STOP, review what you’ve done, look for anything you might
have missed, and either repeat. or STOP, and pick a different path (go back to steps 1-3)

When you find something that’s worked, you can scale it. You’re good to go.

That’s the “Hard Way”

But the complete way, that works, to get one of those three outcomes, every time.

And yes, it needs a lot of elbow grease, and you’ll also need to know best practice ways to work through each step at a Strategy, Marketing and Technology level.

So now you’re clear on the process, let me share the Easy way with you…

The Easy Way

1. Talk To Us to see if this could work for you (15 minutes)

2. Have a single 60-90 minute session with us (we cover 1-7 in the 17 list)

3. We Build almost all of It for you (8, 9, 10,12 and 13 are covered – you create the download)

4. We hand everything back to you, so you can start the adverts, and monitor the results

5. We will support you whilst you run your ads, look over your shoulder. login if needed, to make sure they’re working as optimally as possible for you

There are optional add-ons if you’d like us to do even more of the heavy lifting, we can
cover that when we talk.

Next Steps?

If you want to follow the 17 steps yourself. great, please do, and make sure you don’t skip
any step.

If you’d like our help with the “Easy Way”, just click here: Contact Us