What is Hosting?

Hosting is the place on the internet where your website lives.

It’s space on someone else’s server (server=very large computer), somewhere in the world, and if you pick a good hosting company. then your files will be safe, secure. backed up regularly, and you’ll never have an issue.

Once you’ve got your Domain name (see GoDaddy if you haven’t already), then you point your domain to your hosting, so when people type in your domain name, it shows up your website – easy huh?

Speed, Backup, Security

There are three things important to your website:


Backup and


Let’s talk about Speed first:

why do you need your website to be fast?

For two reasons: 1. Visitor experience and 2. Google love

The visitor experience is important, because studies of shown that visitors will leave your website within 6 to 8 seconds of arrival. If your website takes 10 or more seconds to load, you will lose them before you even begin building a relationship with them. So the key thing here is speed, and getting speed for your website to allow It to load anywhere between two and six seconds. That’s what recent studies have shown, and also anything above six seconds is frowned on by Google.

This leads as to the Google love peace. If your website takes too long to load, then when Google indexes your website, you would get negative ratings and therefore you would struggle to rank in search engine optimization. That means your website would be like the best kept secret on the web (with no one able to find you!).

So speed is important. and the first of three key points to consider with hosting.

Next would be Security:

You’ve likely heard the stories on the news of computer viruses, hackers, bots, and the list goes on.

The most important part of this is that you do everything you possibly can to protect yourself. so your website doesn’t either:

a. get ‘hacked’ and you lose all your hard work in building your website

b. make you look bad (ie Protect your reputation). so when people visit your site, they know they are safe

Last would be back up:

if the worst of the worst does happen. and something goes wrong on your website, or more often you may press a button accidentally break your website 🙂 having regular backups means that that’s nice Showstopper, and you can very quickly recover any mistake you may have made.

As you are building your website there are a few more questions you want to ask yourself:

Do You Already Have Hosting?

If you already have a website, then you have hosting somewhere — find out where that is. Best guess would be to either:

a. contact the company who you originally registered your domain name with
b. search your email for the word ‘hosting’

If you do not have a hosting.

WordPress installed, yes or no?

The important piece to know about your hosting is: can you install WordPress on it? Yes or no?

Why WordPress? because that’s the most powerful, cost effective way to run a professionally looking and operating website, and I’m going to show you how to use wordpress to do everything you need to online. It’s open source, its free, I use it on all my

websites. and you’ll learn soon how you can update your own website really quickly when it’s on wordpress.

So. do you have or can you install WordPress on your current Hosting?

1. If yes – will that company do it? Will they charge you? If yes how much?

2. If you don’t have hosting, then you need hosting that will let you install wordpress.

Options from Here?

Depending on your needs for your website there are four options to help you from here:

Full Do It Yourself – cheapest – Hostgator

if you’re just looking for the cheapest hosting, with average speed (approx. 6 seconds). good reliability (98% uptime). and you’re going to manually add items like cloud

flare ( (to help with security), and backup Buddy (for backup) then hostgator hosting ( would be the most efficient option for you. A link to get started with hostgator hosting is here:

Full Do It Yourself + protection + speed + backups – Wp Engine (what I use)

My favourite. and the one I use for my main websites, and my VIP client websites, ls WP engine. WP engine is best in class for speed, security and protection, and you can find out how to get started with host with WP Engine here: WPEngine (

Done For You Hosting Pack – Hosting (speed, backups, protection) + Monthly updates (increased security) = $97 per month

If you want someone to take care of all this for you, including the backups, the regular updates for your WordPress and for any plug-ins installed. then we have a fully managed service for only $97 a month.

Get Started by completing this form:

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Done For You Maintenance Pack – Hosting (speed, backups, protection) + Monthly updates (increased security) + up to 5 changes a month to your site = $197 per month This option is the most hands off option for you. We will look after all of your hosting for you, all of the updates to your WordPress, updates to your plugins, and also make five changes to your website per month (as examples: Editing or uploading blog posts and pages and editing, uploading or changing graphics) As an extra note: if there are any tasks within your website which are classed as advanced tasks. we can quote for that work separately, and that would fall outside of the monthly maintenance pack. Get started by completing this form:

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Support Group

We have a fully staffed WordPress Support Team who are always ready to take questions and supply answers and solutions for you.

To see a full list of what our team cover. visit this page – What We Cover

Our support desk is fully staffed between Noon and 9pm NZT Monday to Friday

Have more questions? Just click ‘contact us‘ and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.