Webinar Automation Setup – Done for You

Here at AutomatingYou. we’re really good a certain things – setting up Webinar Automation is one of them. We’ve setup close to 100 webinars so far for other people just like you. so we’d be happy to help.

From experience. we build it in 2 phases,”

Phases of Webinar Automation

Those 2 main phases of Webinar Automation are:
Phase 1 – Build it live with you

Phase 2 – Move your converting webinar to Evergreen (Evergreen = it runs without you automagically)

Each phase is discrete, but we can bundle it together for you if you’re ready to do both concurrently, I’ll walk through the next phase”.

Let’s look at Phase 1 first:

Phase 1 – Build Your Webiner Automation With You Live

The scope of this phase is to build all the technology for you. so that you can:

a. get signups for your webinar

b. follow up with registrants to help more show up
c. follow up with those who have (and have not) attended, to offer them something next


  • You will build the presentation
  • You will write the emails (but we can have our writing team do this for you as an optional extra)
  • We will do all the technical parts
  • our experience Project Manager Will take you step by step through the process. so whether you’re 10 out of 10 on a technical level. or rate yourself on a minus scale technically. you’ll be looked after 🙂

What you need for Webinar Signups and Follow Ups – The Automation Tools:

To get signups for your webinar, here’s a list of what you will need (in our project together):

1. Go to Webinar – link for 30 day trial here

2. Leadpages – Ieadpagee link here

3. A CRM we support – a choice of one from: Infusionsoft. Ontraport, Active Campaign or Hubspot

4. FuzedApp (this is a behind the scenes app you need to connect it all together) – FuzedApp

We will then take those 4 above and set them up as follows:

1. Go To Webinar:
a. we will create the event. to allow you to accept registrants and then deliver your live webinar

b. with a time and date supplied by you.

2. Leadpages:

a. we will build two landing pages: i. the webinar registration page and ii. the webinar registration thank you page

b. you will supply all details for the landing page (words and Images)

Webinar Automation Follow Up

For the Follow Up piece. we integrate it all with your CRM of choice (as long as its in our list 1) ):

3. A CRM we support –
a. we will build the required campaigns inside your CRM

b. we will build placeholders for the emails

c. you will supply the words for each email (subject. content)

d. we will then put your cement Into each email

e. we will setup a maximum of 24 emails, the choice of which you write is up to you, but our recommended spread is as follows;

  • unregistered – 4 emails
  • registered – 5 emails
  • attended o 5 emails
  • didn’t attend – 5 emails
  • left early – 5 emalls

Note: most clients will write no mere than 10 for phase 1, but we recommend building all of these for phase 2 for the ‘complete’ automation

4. FuzedApp

a. We will setup and configure FuzedApp to join your CRM of choice with GTW. to ensure registrants have their unique one increase the likelihood of attendance

For everything above. all systems are to be supplied by yourself. and If you need to get them. here are links directly to them:
1. Go to Webinar – link for 30 day trial here

2. Leadpages – leadpeges link here

3. A CRM we support – a choice of one from: Infusionsoft. Ontraport, Active Campaign or Hubspot

4. FuzedApp (this is a behind the scenes app you need to connect It all together) – FuzedApp

We will setup all of the above for you for only $1,500 USD

Just think: If all the technical headaches are taken away. to let you focus on delivering your webinar. how many more sales do you think you could make?

Optional Extras If you need:

1. Setup Ecommerce

if you need to setup ecommerce, to take an order after your event we can setup and connect your payment gateway to your CRM of ch0ice (for an additional 5 hour pack) – AutomatingYou 5 hour pack

2. Sales page

if you need a sales page, we can custom quote this for you – it‘ll depend on what CRM you use. how many sales you expect. and a number of other factors, contact us to find out more

If you have any questions on any of the above, do let us know via our Contact page

Else to get started with Phase 1. click here to open the order form and place your order: Phase 1 Wobinar Automation Order Form

Phase 2 – Webinar Automation on AutoPilot (Completely Automated Webinar Setup)

In phase 2. we take everything that’s setup in Phase 1 and set it up so it runs 100% without you.

Note: We recommend this is done once you’ve proven it works for your market to know you’ll get good ROI from this project

Webinar Automation Tools

The tools that you need for this phase are:

1. Your CRM of choice (as per phase 1)

2. Stealth Seminar <- our tool of choice for automated webinars*

*we get asked a lot about other providers of automated webinar platforms out there. and from our experience. and observations of lots of people who use the other systems (and Stealth Seminar), we haven‘t changed our recommendation in the past 2 years, and put all of our

consulting clients onto Stealth.

You can checkout Stealth Seminar here: Stealth Seminar Automated Webinars

This is what we’ll do for you:

1. Take the recording of your best webinar. and set it up in Stealth

2. We’ll setup the frequency of how often you want your webinar to run (daily. weekly, etc)

3. We’ll take your current landing page (leadpages or wordpress), and set it up so that it automatically has the registration date and time change In line with the frequency set In step 2

4. We’ll setup all the automated emails to connect seamlessly with Stealth’s webinar

5. We’ll test it to make sure its all working

6. We’ll give you a step by step how to on how to see your reports. to show how effective your webinars are for you


If you have already used our team to build phase 1. then phase 2 is only an additional $1,250 USD – click here to order

if you need us to just build phase 2 for you. or if its been 6 months since your phase 1, then it‘s $1.500 USD – click here to order

Phase 1 and 2 at the same time?

If you’d like to build both Phase 1 and Phase 2 back to back – aka you’re pushing hard to get this all setup and completely automated quickly. then we offer a combined pack of Phase 1 and Phase 2 @ $2,500 USD – click here for that order form

Frequently Asked Questions of Webinar Automation Setup:

Q: do I really have to build my own slides? can you not help me?

A: We can’t help. we’re really good at our own webinars, but you know your content better than anyone 🙂

Q: Will you help me on the day of the webinar? Or during the actual webinar?

A: No, we setup everything for you, test it works, and then hand the systems back to you for you to run. We will give you a tip sheet though on how to run your live webinar (which includes tips on what to do when things go wrong when you’re performing live).

Q: When should i start this project with you?

A: If your live webinar is in one week. we can‘t help sorry. it‘s sensible to plan 4 weeks out from your live date, which give you time to write your emails! landing page words. and gives us 2 weeks to build everything for you. The first email to tell your own list about it should be 10-14 days before your live date (hence you need the core landing pages. integration. etc setup and tested before then)

Q: what if i have more questions?

A: Just contact us via our contact us page 🙂

If you have any questions at all,just contact us, we’re here to help.


Jamie and the team a AutomatingYoucom