Strategy, Marketing and Technology:

Giving you clarity in what to do next in your business to get the best results for you,


How To Get Better Results In 3 Easy Steps‘:

Step #1: Share what your biggest challenges are right now

Step #2: Realize that problem is 99% likely not the key problem that needs to get fixed.

Step #3: Identify the real problem, fix that, and everything else falls into place (Marketing, technology, a good nights sleep. etc…)

That’s what I do with you, in my uniquely proven one-on-one Get Clear session.


For the One on One Sessions…

I run, on average, 100 of these each year.

It works.

Here’s one recent example;

“Jamie you are a legend. a few key questions and the answers were flowing I got so much clarity and aha moments from our call that sitting down afterwards and beginning to write my online program was so much more effective and productive. I can see the steps now… thank you. Yvonne Hilsz: –’

But let me explain now how it can help you…

Just Before We Start

You’ve possibly come here from one of my sites. we’ve recently spoken or someone’s recommended you to me.

However you’ve found me and my team at AutomatingYou: Welcome











(and that‘s me (Jamie) and my smiley face by the way)

If you want to check me out before we carry on together, I understand, I’d do the same if I was looking for help – you can do that here:

Check out Jamie on

Assuming you’ve done that, or don’t feel the need to right now, then let’s continue shall we…

I’ll explain what’s involved in this Get Clear session:

The Nuts and Bolts of How You Can Get Clear

You’ll spend sixty to ninety minutes with me, sharing where you are today, and where you want to get to with your business.

From there, we’ll spend a portion of time focusing on your Avatar (If you’re new to Avatars. check out this blog post where I explain it more detail: Avatar Training.

With clarity on the Avatar. everything else will follow:

a. What marketing will work best for you

b. Which systems should you implement? (today, this week and this year?)

c. If you only chose one thing to focus on first. what would give you the biggest bang for your buck?

To give you an example of some of the areas I’ve covered in past Get Clear sessions, I’ve helped business owners Just like you:

  • Redesign their business
  • Fix one piece of their approach to get massive results
  • Add extra revenue streams to your business, using what you already have
  • Showing you the quickest way from A to B to add a new product or service in your
  •  Advising on the best Automation solution far you and your business…

…the list is quite exhaustive, and those above are from memory from the past recent sessions.

If one of those listed is where you’re stuck today, then get started by getting in touch to arrange a 15 minute Chat: Contact Us for a 15 minute

Another Example of What “Get Clear” Means To Others
Just Like You

“As an experienced business woman running two busy businesses. I fully understand the demands that a business puts on Its owner. There are times when nothing makes sense and advice is required. Jamie is the guy to turn to. l am amazed at how quickly he clears the fog with just a few questions and puts me directly hack on the right track. Our sessions have always helped me to move forward In my business and I would recommend Jamie to any busy consultant who needs clarity within their business’- Neelam Meetcha, In-Demand Speaker and Coach, Founder of

Another Example of What “Get Clear” Means To Others Just Like You

You Are Unique

You’re likely unique.

Your business too.

Others tell you so. and you have your very own quirks that make you, you.

I understand that.

Me too 🙂

I also understand from my years of business consulting that most of the issues are the same and so are the answers to help you.

Those answers just need to be tailored to the unique you, so you can make them work for you!

You’ve Likely Wasted Money?

How often have you spent money on something thinking “This is ill This Is the next big
thing to help me!”

And how often had It worked?

I know.

Me too a little while back.

But if you want the answers of what steps to take, and which tools to use, in the most effective order, laid out for you in a session designed just for you, then the Get Clear session is perfect for you.

Start Here: Talk to us first

This is also right for you if…

You’ll know it’s for you, if you’ve got a problem you need someone to help give you ideas, or you’re at a cross roads – perhaps a few directions In front of you and you’re struggling to pick.

Maybe “Why isn’t my Marketing working?” or ‘lsn‘t this <insert tool name here> meant to be making my life easier??’

or “How can I add passive Income to my business?

They’re three examples of recent problems, fixed. That’s what I do.

Let me share a little about the expertise and background I put on the table:

Here’s The “WHAT”

So What Do l Do?

I help people just like you.


Using the three things that I’m sought out for:

Strategy. Marketing & Technology.

In a short sentence:
“I help business owners make more money”

That normally gets either a smirk or an eyebrow raised

The simplified version comes from my roots as a business consultant, helping companies large (250ppl) to small (1 person) make changes and get results.

Over recent times I’ve honed what I do, from specializing in helping other consultants and coaches, through to now loving working with other experts, to help them help more people. to grow their community. their reach, to make a bigger impact.

Though to put It in one (longish) sentence:

“If you’re an expert too, I can help you make more money by ensuring your business structure is right. Marketing is working AND accountable. and as much of your business is Automated using Technology or People.”

Which Gives You…

When I do that for you. that then frees you up to spend more time sewing your own target market, building better products, delivering greater services and attracting even more of the perfect types of clients for you. How does that sound?

And what skills do I bring to our session?

Strategy is first:

I’m thinking back to a recent session. where I said to one Get Clear participant “You’re like a ball of energy. and all you’re doing right now is making a mess everywhere – why don’t we put that energy down a small pipe, create a laser. and start getting you results?”

He agreed.

We got a great result.

That’s the best way I can simplify the strategy part for you.

You’ve likely got six hundred ideas, and almost all of them are getting In the way of you achieving the goals you’re after.

If that’s you. be rest assured – you’re normal and I can help you.

On the other hand. it you’re lacking ideas, and you’ve tried everything and are just fed up of banging your head against the proverbial wall, I can help you too.

Both at these two assume we’ve already spoken for at least fifteen minutes, you’ve shared your challenge. and I’ve said I can help you – if we haven‘t., then just head over to the Contact Us page to arrange that now.

Once the strategic side is clear, everything else very quickly tails into place – the right Marketing. and the right tools (tech or people), to help you get done what you need to.

Let me explain a little on my marketing experience. so you can understand where I’m coming from…

With Marketing Mastery

I absolutely love Marketing!!!

When you love what you do. you’ll never work another day In your life. That‘s me.

And I’ve worked hard and gotten results to allow me to help customers around the globe to either Implement Marketing Campaigns. or teach them how to better Market themselves

Sometimes both.

To give you an idea of the types of people I help. I’ve recently taught the Southern Hemisphere Edition of Michael Port’s Book Yourself Solid Summer School.

Service professionals globally joined me for the 8 week intensive course, and a number of those attendees getting new clients within the first three weeks, it was both enjoyable and hugely rewarding.

I setup Clients For Consultants as a partnership with a “Consultant Maker” – he’s based in the UK (I’m In New Zealand) – where we’ve helped consultants over the past 3 years get more comfortable with marketing, helping them get consistent results in an online step-by-step learning environment.

With the leverage oi online programmes, i can then locus my om time on a select few VIP clients o a very exciting part of my business:

My VIP Clients

A number of my VIP clients are the best In the world at what they do, and it’s one of my favorite parts of my role to advise them. helping them attract more of the right clients for them. so they can help even more people.

I’m often called the “behind the scenes” guy, as you won’t see my lace in these global campaigns. but its my team and I architecting, building, managing, monitoring and then reporting on success alter success for our VIPs…

That’s why I love what I do :0)

…when i get a chance. l’ll put more case studies and testimonials here. but I‘m hoping already that you’ve read quite enough to know you’re getting a wealth of experience when we spend time together in the Get Clear session.

Book a 15 minute here

Get started for your very own Get Clear here

That’s the overview of the Marketing

My other strength is the technical side:

The Tech Wizardry

Self taught from the age of 12, technology is a second language to me

My core strength is to understand how systems fit together to get results. From there, I can teach others (either yourself or my team) on how to achieve brilliant end results.

Here‘s a sample at the skills my team and I offer today:

The Technical Stuff:

  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing, C0S, and everything needed for
    Marketing campaign
  • lnfiusionsoft Setup and Maintenance
  • Office Autopilot & Ontraport Setup and Maintenance
  • Active Campaign Setup and Maintenance
  • Website Building and Maintenance
  • Copywriting (Direct Response and Article Writing)
  • Online Advertising (Google, Facebook, LinkdIN, Bing)
  • Social Media Setup, Management and Monitoring
  • Helpdesk Setup, Management and Configuration
  • Video Editing and Distribution
  • Email Marketing Campaigns (Setup and Maintenance)
  • E commerce Platforms (Setup and Maintenance)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO = Google Rankings)
  • Direct Response Marketing (Multi Step Direct Mail Campaigns)
  • Webinar Design and Automation
  • Membership Site Setup and Maintenance
  • Community Building…

…and more

There’s a big list there, which explains why people normally get stuck at this stage,

And do you know the most frustrating part (for me)?

Tech is the smallest pan of the puzzle, but usually stops people in their tracks

I explain that strategy ls about 60%. marketing Is 35% and tech ls the last 5% – a supporting 5% piece and it’s that, once the first two are in place

But if you’re working with a technical guy or gal today, or a technology company, they’ll be very much focused on getting tech jobs done for you…

…just be warned, it they don’t understand strategy and marketing, I‘m sorry to say (and please don’t take this as anything other than loving) – it’s like the blind leading the blind.

Making this a No Brainer for you: The Investment and

There’s two pans to this – the price, and the two guarantees (one is money back) Let’s talk price first

The session is $997 USD – You and me. 1 on 1. to get you results.

People ask me:

“How come your session is so expensive?”

“When my boss pro-rated that to a day rate. It was a big number!!!”

I understand.

Here’s my answer –

Instead of asking those questions. ask it this way:

“How much will it cost when i get this wrong?“


“How much time and money will i spend when I head in the wrong direction, without getting results?”

When you ask it the second way, it becomes almost a no brainer, quite quickly.

Though to make It a no brainer. I’ve added 2 Guarantees:

Guarantee 1 – In Session Money Back

If after you’ve spent time with me in our I on 1 session. at any time during our session you believe Its a waste of your time. then ask me during our session. and I’ll give you your money back on the same day.

No questions asked, I’ll give you your money back. You just need to ask me during our session.
Not 10 minutes after. not a day after, not 3 weeks after.

I’m all about giving my very best when I work with anyone, and If that isn’t good enough for you. then I’ll happily refund you.

(that‘s why I have a 15 minute chat before, to make sure I know I can help you – click here
to arrange that: 15 min chat]

So I’m guaranteeing you massive effort from me and a result In our session.

Guarantee 2 – Credit towards services

At the end of a Get Clear session. the plan will be laid out for you, and about 70% ask:
“How much Will it cost for you to help me do that Jamie”

If that‘s you, and we think we can help you. then 50% of the investment in the Get Clear will be credited towards any services spend you make with us.

Which means, if you truly are looking for help, the risk is on me to get you a result

Additional Bonus – The Mastermind Invitation:

If I think it’s right for you (ie i think you’ll get massive value from it). I’ll invite you to join my Mastermind group for 30 days.

My Mastermind has weekly calls. that you’ll be welcome to join. to get ongoing support to your one on one session.

This Will give you even more insights and help. as you work on your focused path.

Next Step?

To take the next step, let’s have a 15 minute chat, to see if I can help you: Contact us to arrange a 15 minute chat

ps. if we’ve already had the 15 minutes, and you‘re rereading this just to be sure, not a
problem. the order form is here: Get Clear Order Form