Frequently Asked Questions for Automation in Your Business

I’m asked a number of questions frequently, so have put them here to help:

Question: Can I Do It all Myself?

Did you know Do It Yourself projects are the biggest single killer of people in homes!

It can also be tracked down to the biggest killer in a business, when the entrepreneur gets sucked in to trying to DIY their core systems, only to lose sight of what does bring in

the bacon…

But I know that’s not you – right?

You’re not like most people.

Most people try this themselves-

They set something up. Wrongly.

It’s either given them even more work to do (rather than save time), or it’s sitting there:Idol.

A bit like a formula 1 car in their garage. It looks great, you know it can do great things, you just don’t know what to do with it.

But that’s not you.


Question: “Leverage is a Myth? Isn’t it?”

I’ve helped too many people make more money without spending much extra time to think otherwise

And I can show you a demo to prove otherwise. Check out the Awesome Automation Experience Here: Click Me

Question: I’m Unique, shouldn’t I get someone to build me something just for me?

I’m asked quite frequently “Should I get something built because my business is ‘unique’, and I know a couple of great guys down the road who’ve said they can build it for me?”

The simple answer is: It depends.

But 9 times out of 10, I’ll know how an off the shelf system can work for your business, and deliver you 80-95% of the functionality you need to take your business to two, three (or more) times its turnover today.

That’s what it’s mostly about isn’t it?

I’ve even helped companies who’ve spent more than twenty thousand (and up) on a couple of developers to build a system, only to hit a ceiling when they wanted to take their business to the next level.

Their developers could have easily done the work for them too! (for another $20K).

With my help, they now pay $197 a month to use a system that not only gives them everything they need now, it’ll also grow with them over time. it’s just missing the big ticket price tag every time something needs a-changin’.

But, if that’s what you’re worried about, a Get Clear session will give you the answer. You’d then know what is the right system for your business.

If that’s you. get started with a Get Clear here: Get Clear with Jamie

Question: Have You Got Experience in Building Membership Sites?

Yes. Lots.

I walk the talk with my team and we run many membership sites in my own business. Whether paid membership sites for my own Membership Clients (there are 5 running today), built for Monthly Business Building Project Clients or a private Membership site for my staff used as our Training Centre. Each have different needs. and so the technology used is different across the range of those we’ve setup.

There is no one size fits all, that’s why you want to get the best solution that’s going to be effective for you in the short, medium and long term.

Question: What Do I Need To Think About When Putting Together A Membership Site?

Here are the questions I typically ask to get a good gauge on your needs:

1. What price point are you thinking of for your product?

2. One off training/membership pricing or are you looking for recurring billing?

3. Will you be planning to roll out more than one product over time using your membership platform?

4. What email marketing solution do you have today?

5. What’s your current ecommerce solution?

6. Content delivery? how? video? audio? download workbooks?

7. Drip feed automation or delivery in one go?

8. Will this be an integral part of your business, or are you just testing the water?

If you want to walk through those questions in a lot more detail with me. then get yourself a Get Clear session with me, and I’ll help you understand everything for your business: Get Clear with Jamie

Got other questions not covered above? Then just us the Contact Us Page to ask anything to help clear your thinking in terms of how Automation can work for You: Contact Us Page