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Perhaps you’re not technical?

Maybe you just don’t have the want to spend time updating your own system?

Or perhaps you’ve realized that if you spend time on what you’re really good at, you can make more money, and it’s sensible to get a team of experts to help you with your Infusionsoft to take your business to its next level?

That’s where my team and I come in.

We’ve got three options for you:

Option #1 — A Get Clear Session

In this Get Clear session, my aim is to get an understanding of how you’ve used Infusionsoft to this point- What has worked, what hasn’t, and then I’ll be able to give you a plan of what you need to do (in order) to get the very best results from the asset that you have sitting already in your business.

You’ll come out of the 1-2 hours together with a very clear path ahead of you that you can either implement yourself. or you can have my team help you with, that’s your choice. Click here to book this session: Get Clear Booking Page

Option #2 – 5 Hourly Pack

If you’d like to engage my lnfusionsoft experienced team to help you, then we have an hourly pack you can select We will ask you what you need, you’ll tell us, we’ll deliver it, within agreed time frames. We track the hours we use and give you a report at the end of each task. Find out more what we do and how to get started with the Hourly Pack Here: 5 Hourly Pack Page

Option #3 – Monthly Business Building Projects

A complete done-for-you service where I spend 1-2 hours with you every month to plan a new Project, whether Lead Generation, Prospect Converting or Recurring Revenue. I’ll then take our agreed plan, and my team and I will implement it for you. And every time we implement a project for you. we’ll be building an asset for you and your business. An asset that will be reused again and again, so you can start to harness the true power of automation.

Here’s a sample list of examples that we’ve implemented for our own clients so for as part of the Monthly Business Building Projects:

  • Flagship Product Sales Webinar — Attracting More Leads and More Attendees to the Event, with Ecommerce Delivery and Automated Replay to Increase Sales
  • Flagship Product Sales Webinar Automation — Turning a Successful Sales Webinar into “Evergreen” – creating a Money Making Asset that sells 24×7
  • Build Membership site to deliver Training Content – Integrating Infusionsoft with Market Leading Membership Sites to allow seamless delivery of content to different tiers of paying clients (ie. Gold, Silver, Bronze)
  • Long Term Keep In Touch Strategy – keeping front of mind with Prospects and identifying the hotter leads to get improved conversion from Prospect to Paying Client
  • Automated Concierge Marketing – where the right offer is presented to the right prospect, at the right time, for them! (another great way to Improve Conversions!) Integration of Infusionsoft into existing and new Websites (that our website team setup in parallel)
  • Marketing Tracking Established to identify the top lead sources, to allow reallocation of Marketing budgets to get the very best results (leveraging Google as well as the built in Infusionsofl tracking to measure results).
  • Referral Automation Programme — letting your Prospects and Clients do some of the Marketing leg work for you!
  • Anniversary Programme – rewarding Prospects and Clients at certain times, to add the ‘memorable’ factor to your Marketing Campaigns.

Before We Get Started…

…on the Monthly Building Business Projects, we’d need to have a Get Clear Session first.

From there, once you’re happy with the plan, and I’m happy that my team and I can deliver you the very best results, I’ll give you a private booking page for you to get started on this Monthly Business Building Project (and the investment in the Get Clear is credited into month 1 of your Projects).

Click here to book this session: Get Clear Booking Page