Customer Passwords

How to Create an Account in Passpack

Passpack gives you the tools to organize your passwords all in one place. Passpack will be used as a storage for all access credentials related to the Jamie McKean network. This document will explain how to create a user account in Passpack.

1. Go to and click the sign up link.

2. Fill out the sign up form and check the tickbox for the Terms of Service. After wards click on Sign Up Now.

3. Click NEXT on this screen to proceed to the Packing Key step.

4. On the next page. you will need to enter a packing key on the text field.


A packing key is sort of a secondary password that let’s you open your actual Passpack account. It is recommended to use
a sentence or phrase when creating your key. In the screenshot below, I’ve used ‘Doctor Foster went to Gloucester” as my packing key and as you can see it has a great quality. Longer key = better security.

Please DO NOT FORGET your packing key since you will have to do the steps all over again In case you forget it

5. Once you’ve completed the signup, it will direct you to the main screen of your Passpack account On your dashboard click on People and Activate sharing.

6. Create a sharing name for your account

You will be identified by other people in Passpack through your sharing name. Be default. it uses your username so you need to change it to something Jamie can recognize easily.

7. On the same screen. choose this option.

8. Finally we’re ready to add Jamie as our collaborator

Click on “Invite Someone’ and enter JamieMcKean on the nickname field.

Add a quick comment so Jamie can verify your account and recognize you.

Click on Invite when you’re done.

9. You will see your pending Invite to Jamie at the People screen. He should be able to confirm shortly but drop him a quick e-mail just to be sure.

Once Jamie has accepted your invitation. you may now share user credentials with Jamie and vice versa.