Case Studies

Recent Examples from my Clients on what can be achieved — have a read through and see if what you’re looking for is here…

Example #1 – Repurposing Existing Training To Make An Extra $20K Revenue (in the first 90 days)


To take an existing set of specialist training videos and make them available online, with a plan to create more training courses


Sales:  $20K extra revenue in the first 90 days, with very little additional effort from the business owner.

Delivery: A platform established to allow additional courses to be added for continued growth. Email marketing setup, with 6% conversion of cold leads. Payment processing and Delivery of Content 100% automated. Support desk established to easily manage any help requests and implement Service Level Agreements.


  • Content Delivery Setup and configured to work seamlessly with a Payment Gateway.
  • Video’s hosted and delivered to work on any device (desktop. laptop, ipad, iphone,etc)
  • Email marketing with weekly personality based emails crafted, reviewed and sent,
  • The Email Marketing was setup to be reused when new leads are added to the database (so the business owner is building 6+ months of marketing over time and seeing the results both instantly and future proofed)

The existing videos were transferred to the new membership site and delivered in a very easy to navigate system. Minimal support calls received to date. Business Owner is busily creating new training videos. increasing the value to the current clients, and allowing an increase in price to new clients, increasing his hourly rate from three to four figures.

Example #2 – How to Sell a Live Training Course, Deliver,then Automate future Earnings…


To sell and then deliver an 8 week online course. and then make the training accessible to new members after the 8 weeks.


Sales: $10K sales in 90 minutes, with 15% conversion of attendees, using Webinar and Copywriting Expertise

Delivery: 8 week webinar course delivered, and then repurposed to be an evergreen product, delivered automagically online, with zero administration overhead, using Automation Expertise.


  • The Sales Webinar was delivered through a Webinar solution plus an Email Marketing Automation Solution.
  • The attendance rates were increased with specifically crafted pre-event emails.
  • After the live session, the recording was setup as a limited availability replay and sent to those who didn’t attend.
  • Automated follow up for the next 4 days ensured a 15% conversion into the 8 week live course.

The 8 week live course was delivered to the live audience, recorded and then repurposed into multiple formats (video/audio/workbooks/mindmaps), and could be accessed by course attendees in a membership only site. That membership only site was the subsequently opened to new members who can purchase online, and are automagically fed into the programme.

Would you love to get this into your business? Perhaps check out the FAQ’s from what others have asked, or you can ask me questions directly here: : Ask Jamie