So far in Our Automation Experience We’ve Covered:

  • Ensuring Permission With Your Marketing
    Having permission from the start means those who are interested in what you have to offer will engage with your content more, and with that engagement should come results for them, which will inherently build trust in you
  • Putting Your Prospect In Control
    When you give choices to those who are wanting to learn more about you, they more confidently move forward in your engagement process. Why? Because they’re more comfortable that they’re calling the shots, which is great: It means they’re continuing to build trust in you. The more trust you can build, the easier it is to help them get results.
  • The Next Experience is Telephone and SMS Marketing…
    How could you possibly use the Telephone to continue to build a relationship with someone you’ve not yet met, without cold calling?What if you promise them some extra valuable information? Perhaps tips, or a specific strategy to help them get a certain result? What if you’re marketing to a Consumer and you want to tell them about a special event you have coming up, but you want to tell 1,000 people? Would you hire a team of people to sit on phones all day? Or would you like to Automate it?

    To experience what I mean, all I need is your mobile / cell number from you to show you what Automation can do.

    Remember: the information you share will only be used to show you examples of Automation, nothing else.

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