Authority Website

We designed and built this website.

We call it an Authority Website.

The Authority Website Package is best described via video.

I’ve recorded two for you, and in each, I walk you through why it’s important, and what’s needed to have your very own Authority Website.

In these videos, I walk you through:

  1. The 5 Key pieces needed in an Effective Authority Website
  2. Examples of recent Authority sites we’ve built, with a narrative on the sites objectives, and some behind the scenes into the Marketing logic to get the best results

The first video is the 5 Key Pieces you need for an Authority Website:

And in this last video, I walk you through 5 recent sites built using the same methodology, so you can see how they look and how their owners have adapted them for their own businesses:

The above walks you through the reasons why you’d have an Authority Site.

Let me now walk you through the process we follow to ensure you get the right Authority Site for you…

High Level

At a high level. the steps are as follows:

  1. Dedicated PM
  2. Your website is designed (and then you review and approve)
  3. Your website is then built (we review and approve it, then you do too)
  4. We then transfer content from your existing site as desired
  5. We move your new website live, and hand it over to you

Detailed Scope

Let me now walk you through the detail of each step:

Dedicated Project Manager:

We have a single person who is your point of contact through our journey together of building your new web presence.

They’re experienced in both project management and the web design and development processes, so you’re in very good hands.

Design Scope:

  1. We work with you to create a completely unique & custom professional design that best suits your business
  2. We do NOT use pre-made website templates
  3. We use a layout & hierarchy that is clear & simple to understand & easy for your visitors to navigate
  4. We design with a focus on your ‘call to action’ that leads your customer through your marketing funnel
  5. We use social proof elements throughout the site to build trust
  6. We design the site to suit “responsive” coding for viewing on all mobile devices and all screen sizes
  7. We make unlimited design revisions until approved for coding, as long as the revisions are inline with the original brief
  8. Once you have approved the designs, we package the design files with instructions for the developers, ready to start coding your new site
  9. You get full ownership of the designs

You can view some of our recent website full page designs here.

Build Scope:

  1. We build the site as per the approved designs, using WordPress as the foundation
  2. We ensure responsiveness for all devices
  3. We code design elements such as typography and layouts to follow best practices and support emerging trends – ensures your design is future-proof
  4. We tune the site for fast page load times – that’ll make sure you don’t lose visitors and increase the likelihood of Google sending more eyeballs
  5. We perform full QA on the sites throughout the whole process, from both a technical and end user perspective

Content and Deployment Scope:

  1. We take all of the relevant content from your existing live site and transfer it to your new website (though code and content cleanup are separate and out of scope)
  2. We add any existing newsletter signup boxes to your site for you
  3. We ensure any social media sites are connected via links (assuming they are within the design)
  4. Everything we create is 100% owned by the client (license rights. etc) once full payment has been received
  5. Upon full payment, we transfer the new site from our development environment to your preferred host and provide full access and documentation of custom features based on your project’s requirements


Every website we build is custom tailored to fit each client’s needs, so pricing will vary based on your project’s scope.


Our payment terms are 50% at the start of the project, and the remaining 50% once you’ve approved the design work.

Delivery Time:

Timeframe is, on average, 6 weeks from payment through to go live.

Out of Scope:

Hosting – we recommend WP Engine – Click Here for WP Engine – for all our client hosting (It’s $29 per month) for speed, unparalleled uptime (in our experience), and fantastic landing pages. download and upload marketing emails