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if you think Automation is (or might be) the right next step for you and your business and you want to find out how to get started, then you’ll want to choose which of the tools. whether Infusionsoft or Office Autopilot is perfect for your business.

Or perhaps you’ve got a few extra questions that you haven‘t found here at AutomatingYoucom.

Either way, not a problem — you‘ve got two options –

Your Two Options:

1. Use the Questions tab on the left of the page to ask me anything and we can start a conversation over email


2. Use the form below to tell me a little more, then you’ll be automagicaliy sent a link to book 15 minutes in my diary for us to talk (I find 10-15 minutes on the phone is quicker

then email back and forth to get your definitive answer more quickly) – by the way. this Is a sample of Automation in practice…

I look forward to helping where I can.

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